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Samsung Galaxy Grand has 8GB internal memory but out of which only 4 GB is user memory. That means this is the space that is allotted for your apps.  Anyways, this is not a specific phone vendor issue but Android. I can't say this is an issue actually. Many users are screaming in forums that there is not enough space. But is 4GB not enough for apps, provided you have most of your no-app data in external SD CARD?

The other day I got asked by a friend that he was not able to move apps to SD CARD. We both are Samsung Galaxy Grand users. I used to be able to move apps to SD CARD in my previous phone on Ginger-bread. So I was surprised as I haven't tried that yet. He is no longer able to install apps due to lack of space! When I checked his phone, he had lots of music, pictures from camera and some videos in his phone. Those were not on his external SD card.

samsung galaxy grand there is no app to sdWe'll I think 4Gb internal space is a lot of space for apps, and exactly the same reason I haven't encountered this problem yet. But there are people out there looking or asking how to move apps to SD CARD. Well, this feature that we used to see in GingerBread is not available on SOME Ice Cream Sandwich (For example, HTC EVO Lite can), and JellyBeans.

  • If you are in a situation like that, move those music and other non-app files such as videos, to external SD CARD instead. There will be lots of space for apps.

  • If an SD CARD is added, the camera automatically starts using the SD CARD to save your pictures and videos. 
  • But if you added an SD CARD only later, then you must have a folder called "Camera" containing pics and videos taken before that. So they are still saved in your phone's internal memory.  You may want to move those to your SD CARD to make more space if you need. 
  • If you plan to install apps which are in gigs each then yup!, that is gonna be a tight situation.

There are explanations in Android Forums about the advantage of not moving to SD CARD. For example, you installed apps and moved to SD CARD and your SD CARD gets lost or corrupted. Then you have broken / missing apps. Also slow apps etc. And it is true. The thing I observed when I was moving apps to SD CARD using Gingerbread earlier was that when the phone is rebooted, it took some time for the app icons of those apps moved to SD CARD to come up. You will see those apps not moved to SD come faster then the others. So apps does start slower than those in internal memory.

Since this is the way Google's Android is intended to be, phone's are coming out with larger internal memory nowadays.

There is an app that is used to move apps to sd- App2SD . I tried that app but unfortunately, it does not work on Samsung Galaxy Grand. It displays the message "The device does not have a real primary external storage, or the primary external storage is emulated. Moving app to SD function may not be supported by this device".

Here is the list of other devices that does not support app2sd (users reported devices list).

Workaround to move apps to SD Card: Rooting the phone.
Install custom ROM. Note: Rooting voids Warranty. 

You may check out this blog post on how to root and install a custom ROM on your phone.

Samsung Galaxy Grand can now move apps to SD CARD. No Rooting. Discovered this after updating to Android 4.2.2 (JellyBeans)!!!

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